The night sky in September

This is a map of the sky as it will appear from the latitude of London (51° 50′) in mid September 2023, at 22h UT (GMT).

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The centre of the map shows the sky above your head, and your horizon is the circle running around the edge.

The sky appears the same at the start of the month at 23h UT and at the end of the month at 21h UT. To find out what is on view in this period, check out the latest Sky Diary from Popular Astronomy  (160 kB PDF).

The map is interactive, which means you can input your own location, date and time to check how the sky looks under different circumstances. (To do this, click on either the date or location to the top left of the map and then enter your own details in the window that appears.)

If you’d like a description of this month’s sky, with more details about the constellations on view, then go to our Young Stargazers’ Sky Guide.