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Welcome to this awesome zone of the SPA website that’s just for kids and those at school. We’ll show you stars and planets – and we’ll make it fun! 

But it’s a big, big Universe out there. So to help us take care of everything, we’re recruiting. Those 11 and over become Junior Members, while if you’re aged under 11, then you’re a Young Stargazer. You’ll get six copies of Popular Astronomy magazine a year which contain amazing Young Astronomers’ pages.

For the Young Stargazers  we’ll throw in an exclusive Young Stargazers Pack.

Plus these web pages will give you your own missions to tackle, as well as videos to watch, info about the planets and space probes and all sorts of fun facts.

Sheila Kanani meets a budding astronomer

Taking charge of the situation is our Chief Stargazer, Sheila Kanani, who’s written many books about astronomy and space just for kids.

So if you’re not a member already, and you’re 11 or under, click here to join the ranks of the Young Astronomers and prepare to be inducted into the wonders of space.