Forthcoming meetings

Saturday, 30 July at 2 pm. Venue and form of meeting to be announced*.


The main speaker will be Prof Chris Owen (UCL-MSSL) on The Solar Wind – exploring its origins with ESA’s Solar Orbiter Mission. Solar Orbiter is making observations of the Sun from within the orbit of Mercury and can also view the Sun’s polar regions which are not visible from the Earth.

SPA members and their friends are welcome free of charge at meetings. Details of how to book will be in the July issue of Popular Astronomy. It is hoped to make the meeting available online to members, and details of this will be emailed to members in advance.

* This meeting was planned to take place at the Institute of Physics in London, but we have now been informed that a policy change has resulted in the venue not being available. We are currently investigating other possibilities.

SPA meetings will also be held as follows:

29 October 2022, 2 pm

Prof Gillian Wright (ROE, UKATC, Edinburgh) The James Webb Space Telescope, Launch to Science

Details will be posted here in due course.

Meeting videos

You can view videos of the main talks at previous meetings on your computer. Just click on the image at right to see what’s currently available. There are videos of talks about all aspects of astronomy there – they’ll keep you entertained for hours!