Forthcoming meetings

We are holding only online meetings until further notice.


Online meeting, Saturday 30 January at 2 pm

Hubble Deep field
Part of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field – a very long exposure of a very small part of the sky, showing extremely distant galaxies. Credit STScI

Dr Stephen Feeney, UCL, will talk about The Hubble Constant: a Crisis in Cosmology

Ever since the expansion of the Universe was discovered in the early 20th century, the precise rate of the expansion, the Hubble Constant, has been a continuous source of controversy.

The Hubble Constant is a unique cosmological parameter, as we can measure it directly by observing objects in the nearby Universe, and also predict it using the standard cosmological model and measurements of the cosmic microwave background. When we do so, we find the direct measurement and model prediction completely disagree.

In this talk, Dr Feeney will present the history of measurements of the Hubble Constant, review the current status of this conundrum and attempts to explain it, and consider the potential for new observations, in particular from gravitational-wave detectors, to resolve the crisis.

In addition, Robin Scagell will give a short presentation on what’s coming in the sky for the next three months.

The link to this Zoom webinar will be sent to members in advance.

Friday Night Live with Vicky Video

Our own chat-show host Vicky Duncalf runs a live event on the SPA’s Facebook page usually on Friday evenings, from 8 to 9 pm. This is a chat show rather than a regular meeting, and as well as interesting guests from the world of astronomy there are quizzes and the chance to win some SPA merchandise! You also have the opportunity to chat or ask questions online.

Note added Friday 20 November 2020. Popastro Live will be taking a short break and we’ll be back on air soon.

Meeting videos

Online meeting with Dr Tim Gregory, Saturday 19 September: Meteorites – The stones from outer space that made our world, with Dr Tim Gregory, British Geological Survey

Now available to view online

Tim’s book, Meteorite, is available from

Online SPA meeting with Dr Susanne Schwenzer, Saturday 25 July: Curiosity at Gale Crater

Dr Susanne Schwenzer explains how NASA’s Curiosity probe has been exploring the geology of Gale Crater on Mars.

Now available to view online

Online SPA meeting with Prof Lucie Green, Saturday 23 May: Solar update

We are currently at a minimum of solar activity. But what causes the Sun to vary its activity level, and when can we expect the next maximum?

You can view a recording of this meeting in full at

You can view videos of the main talks at previous meetings on your computer. Just click on the image at right to see what’s currently available. There are videos of talks about all aspects of astronomy there – they’ll keep you entertained for hours!