Astronomy on the web

Can’t find what you’re looking for on the SPA site? Here are some links to some of the most popular and useful links on the Internet. Each link will open in a new window.

Astronomical Societies

Federation of Astronomical Societies
Use this site to find details of over 175 local astronomical societies throughout the UK

British Astronomical Association
Formed in 1890, the BAA has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work.

Webb Society
For deep-sky observers

Royal Astronomical Society
The society for UK professional astronomers, but with many amateur members.

Photo Galleries

Hubble Space Telescope pictures
Archive of almost all Hubble images

Planetary photos from NASA spacecraft
Covers all recent planetary missions, regularly updated

Space Shuttle and International Space Station
Although the page address has changed, the link now provides links to other NASA sites

Reference – positions of objects, star maps etc

Heavens Above
Gives timings of International Space Station and other satellite passes over your chosen location, plus much more

IAU Minor Planet Center
For orbits and positions of comets, asteroids, etc. Requires an understanding of orbital parameters.

Excellent free software for showing a realistic view of the sky from your location

Solar System Live
Useful live plots of the positions of solar system objects

Monthly magazines

Astronomy Now
Authoritative UK astronomy magazine

Sky at Night
UK magazine based on the BBC TV show

The Astronomer
UK based, consists largely of detailed observational reports: for dedicated observers

Popular US magazine

Sky and Telescope
Has a very long pedigree

Observing help

Jodrell Bank
Monthly night sky guide and podcast

SEDS Deep Sky
Masses of information about deep-sky objects

Annual Star parties

Kelling Heath star party
The UK’s leading observing event, in Norfolk. Occurs near autumn equinox. Camping sites with some caravans.
There is also a separately organised spring event

Kielder Forest Star Camp
Takes place twice a year in Northumberland’s dark skies

Places to visit

The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux, Sussex
Home of former Royal Greenwich Observatory, now a science centre with many astronomical exhibits

National Space Centre, Leicester
Modern space and astronomy exhibits and planetarium

Royal Observatory, Greenwich
The original home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, with the famous Meridian Line and historic telescopes

Glasgow Science Centre
Includes a planetarium

Intech Science Centre, Winchester
Includes a planetarium

Mills Observatory, Dundee
Observatory and planetarium

Island Planetarium, Isle of Wight
Part of Fort Victoria Country Park

South Downs Planetarium, Chichester
Planetarium and science centre

Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre, Cheshire
Displays about astronomy and the famous radiotelescope

Thinktank, Birmingham
Science centre with planetarium

Liverpool Planetarium
Part of Liverpool Museum

Weather and aurorae

UK Met Office
Forecasts and updated weather satellite photos

UK Auroral Activity
Constantly updated graph of auroral activity

An aurora app that provides alerts.

Updates on solar and auroral activity plus photos of atmospheric and other phenomena