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The phase of the Moon right now

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First quarter Moon
The first-quarter Moon
Photo by Jamie Cooper
The first-quarter Moon, or half Moon as it is called on many a pub sign, is a fantastic sight through even a small telescope. The southern hemisphere in particular is a jumble of craters, so it can be hard to pick out any of them. Whichever is most prominent depends on the exact position of the terminator when you view it.

1 Alpine Valley
2 Lunar Alps
3 Aristillus
4 Archimedes
5 Apennine Mountains
6 Ptolemaeus
7 Alphonsus
8 Arzachel
9 Deslandres
10 Maginus
11 Aristoteles
12 Eudoxus
13 Autolycus

For a map labelling several hundred features, go to our interactive Moon map.
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Crescent Moon

Observing the Moon

Moon lighting

'Seas' and mountains

How much can you see?

Using binoculars and telescopes

Drawing the Moon

Getting to know the Moon

Three-day crescent Moon

Six-day crescent Moon

First-quarter Moon

Gibbous Moon

Interactive Moon map

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