Here are some projects that you can carry out at home with the minimum of equipment. Each was published in the Young Stargazers’ pages Popular Astronomy, so to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun, and aren’t a Young Stargazer already, then join now!

A Balloon Universe Explains why a balloon with spots on it is like the expanding Universe!

Visualise your own Black Hole Find out how a black hole distorts space-time – in your kitchen!

Re-create Craters on the Moon Wonderfully messy means of making craters at home

Disappearing Star Measure the Earth’s spin using your own eyes and a watch

How to Use a Star Chart Features a fearfully difficult quiz

Make Your Own Sundial Take one old CD, some paper, a stick, and tell the time!

Photographing Star Trails Find out how to photograph amazing trails in the night sky.

Observing form Download this form to record any astronomical observations you make.