About Young Stargazers

The Society for Popular Astronomy is for everyone, young or old – but if you’re young, you get an even better deal by becoming a Young Stargazer! Click here to join or sign someone up as a gift.

What are the benefits of being a Young Stargazer?

If you are under 15 you can join the SPA at a very special rate as a Young Stargazer.

You will receive the Young Stargazer’s File which will contain lots of useful information about choosing your first pair of binoculars or telescope, observing – including sheets for you to fill in to help you focus your observing sessions, and facts about the world’s greatest telescopes.

Young astronomers
Young stargazers in action. Photo by Robin Scagell/Galaxy

We’ll also point you towards the best websites, places of interest and astronomy stores in the UK. Don’t forget to use your Membership Card to get great discounts!

You’ll also receive a Membership certificate, a badge and other goodies.

As a member of the SPA you receive Popular Astronomy six times a year, and regular newsletters to keep you up to date with all the latest astronomy and space news.

There are special Young Stargazers pages in Popular Astronomy too, where you will find much more great info, fun facts and things to make.