Submitting variable star observations

The Variable Star Section welcomes any observations that an observer may wish to submit by email or by post.

As a minimum, the section requires just four pieces of information for each observation.

1. Name of the star being observed

2. The date of the observation,

3. The time in UT

4. The(deduced) magnitude of the variable.

However it is useful to also include additional information, including the light estimate and notes about sky conditions that may have affected the observation.

For sky conditions, you can use standard abbreviations such as  C = Cloud , H = Hazy , M = Moonlight , V = Averted Vision used

Observations can be submitted via the post, but most observers nowadays submit observations via email, often as an attachment using Windows Notepad or Microsoft Excel.

Below is an example of the latter


Blank report forms can be downloaded from this page.

Members are also encouraged to submit copies of their observations to the BAA for storage in their database. For further information , see

( You don’t have to be a BAA member – they welcome observations from anyone)