Guide to RX Leporis

Lepus the Hare is a faint constellation located under the bright constellation of Orion. RX Leporis is a variable star ideal for beginners as it’s easily found low in the south-eastern sky; below the brilliant Rigel (Beta Orionis).

RX Leporis is a semi-regular variable with a range of about magnitude 5.0 to 6.7 with a period of 80 days. Like all semi-regular stars these numbers are only guides; but this star has the advantage of always being visible in binoculars.

RX Leporis is a red giant star estimated to have a mass four times that of the Sun and a radius 200 times greater then the Sun. Like all red giants, it’s very luminous, possibly as much as 4000 times more luminous then the Sun, but it also has a very low surface temperature of about 3000K. Like all cool stars it is red in colour.

Extreme brightness range 5.1 – 6.7
Period of variation About 80 days
Frequency of observation Worth checking once a week
Observe using 50mm binoculars will suffice for this star
Visibility Best observed from December to February