What will R CrB do next ?

As reported in the news item of July 23rd, following its early 2017 pause, R CrB had been edging brighter during the late spring and early summer.

Most observers saw this slow brightening continue into early August.

After that, however, there are hints of a dip in brightness.


Not all observers reported this dip – some saw it more or less steady in brightness during August – but it is clear that the slow brightening has fizzled out – for now at least.

R CrB does routinely show small amplitude brightness variations over intervals of 5-6 weeks that are independent of its dramatic fades and recoveries, but these usually amount to little more than a tenth of a magnitude.

There is no way of knowing whether the recent dip is the start of a bigger fade, or just part of another temporary pause during its very (!) slow recovery back to maximum (which is around mag 6.0).

You can continue to monitor the brightness changes of R CrB using this chart: