The Sound of Astronomy – our pioneering podcast

Sound of Astronomy teams
Then and now: Adrian Egan, Hazel Joyce and Geoff Lindop hard at work recording an early episode in the mid-Sixties, left, and Osnat Katz, right, who has brought the show into the digital age

A recent innovation by the SPA is our podcast, the Sound of Astronomy, featuring news, views and interviews from the exciting world of space.

Sound of Astronomy logo
The Sound of Astronomy’s new logo, designed by Georgine Burnett

We say recent, but our pioneering audio magazine actually started life more than 50 years ago in 1966. Three episodes were produced in the days before humans walked on the Moon.

Professionally produced, they were way ahead of their time, anticipating the era of the podcast by more than three decades.

Early issues contained interviews and comments from Patrick Moore and Arthur C Clarke, plus descriptions of eclipse trips and meteorite searches.

A fourth edition was finally produced, after a break of half a century, in 2018. It retains the magazine format with its mix of “news, views and interviews”.

Driving force behind the revival of the Sound of Astronomy has been Osnat Katz, a student at the University of Manchester. You can now subscribe to the podcast, and hear the earlier Sixties episodes, on iTunes or by visiting

Issue 1 (new series)