The Sound of Astronomy. Issue 1 (new series)

We apologise to members for the slight delay of 51 years in bringing you the latest edition of The Sound of Astronomy. But we hope it has been worth waiting for!

It is introduced by Adrian Egan, who recorded the previous episodes in 1966 and 1967. Another early contributor who you can hear again is current President Robin Scagell.

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Paul Sutherland and Alan Stern
Our star interviewee of this episode, Alan Stern, right, shows Paul Sutherland how to make the nine-fingered Pluto salute.

Highlights of this issue (with timings):

00.00 – Adrian Egan, who worked on the original series, opens the show.

01.33: – Shoutout from BBC Sky at Night presenter Chris Lintott

01.48 – Dr Leigh Fletcher, of the University of Leicester, on pro-am collaboration on NASA’s Juno mission.

12:50 – Robin Scagell offers advice on observing from towns and cities.

23:15 – Adrian Egan and Robin Scagell recall with Paul Sutherland how the Sound of Astronomy began.

29:25 – Andy Newsam tells Osnat Katz how he is modelling a universe in sound.

37:50 – Dr Alan Stern talks about NASA’s New Horizons mission and why Pluto is still a planet.

45:10 – Shoutout from Dr Matt Taylor, chief scientist on ESA’s Rosetta mission.

45:23 – Roll credits.