SPA Observing Sections

Here is a list of the observing sections that SPA members can contribute to, or seek guidance from. Each has its own sub-site.

Aurora Section – this covers sky glows from the Northern Lights, plus displays of noctilucent clouds.

Comet Section – members study the visits of these ghostly wonderers to the inner Solar System.

Deep Sky Section – we’ll help you to observe the brighter galaxies and nebulae.

Lunar Section – our closest neighbour in space is a fascinating world to study.

Meteor Section – “shooting stars” may be seen throughout the year, and you don’t need a telescope.

Occultation Section – members time the moment when the Moon passes in front of stars.

Planetary Section – A small telescope will show surface detail on some of our neighbours in the Solar System.

Solar Section – as long as you take proper precautions, our home star is interesting to observe.

Variable Star Section – the study of brightness variations of some stars can be carried out with the unaided eye or binoculars.