Graphs and Forms


Average No of ARs 1978 to 1995

Activity graphs based on SPA members solar observations (PDF)

Average No of ARs 1996 to 2019

Activity graphs based on SPA members solar observations (PDF)


Solar Disk Drawing Blank

This should print out to a 15cm diameter circle disc on a printer. Try to use thin paper if your printer will allow it but be careful as thin paper can become jammed in some printers. Use this template to record all the sunspots you see on the solar disk. When completed, scan and email them to me or post it if you prefer. In Microsoft Word format.

SPA Active Region and Relative Sunspot Monthly Activity Form

Use this form to record your sunspot activity every month. Type in the numbers in the white boxes and it will work out your averages in the yellow boxes. Update each day you observe and remember to save it on your computer! Email the form to us at the end of each month. A longer guide to completion can be found on page 2 of the form. If you want a version to print and write on please email me. In Microsoft Excel 2016 format.