Large New Sunspot Comes Into View Over East Limb

A large Sunspot Cycle 25 sunspot has just appeared over the east limb of the Sun. Undesignated as yet, of sunspot type Hsx, it lies 23 degrees south of the solar equator. This new sunspot follows hot on the heels of AR2783 and AR2785.

Keith Moseley captured this image yesterday (large sunspot not yet visible).

2020 November 22 @1350UT WL whole disc KMoseley
2020 November 22 @1350UT. Image by Keith Moseley.

Carl Bowron captured these images earlier today.

2020 November 23 @1037-1039UT AR2783 and 85 WL CBowron
2020 November 23 @1037-1039UT AR2783 and AR2785. Images by Carl Bowron.

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