AR2781 Reaches Naked Eye Visibility

AR2781 is now really coming into full view as it heads towards the centre line of the solar disc. It is now visible to the protected naked eye (only use a safe solar filter viewer if you look at the Sun), is sunspot type Eki and is still solar flare active.

Keith Moseley captured this fine image yesterday (note the other sunspot visible is AR2780 which is the tiny single spot/pore positioned lower right of centre in the image below):

2020 November 6 whole disc WL AR2781 KMoseley
2020 November 6 White Light AR2781. Image by Keith Moseley.


Carl Bowron captured these detailed images (in white light and Hydrogen alpha light) yesterday:

2020 November 6 @1351-1413UT AR2781 WL Ha CBowron
2020 November 6 @1351-1413UT AR2781 in White Light and Ha. Images by Carl Bowron.


Mick Jenkins captured this fine image earlier today:

2020 November 7 WL AR2781 MJenkins
2020 November 7 AR2781. Image by Mick Jenkins.

John Fathers also captured this detailed image in Hydrogen-alpha:

2020 November 7 @1146UT Ha AR2781 JFathers
2020 November 7 @1146UT Ha AR2781. Image by John Fathers.

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