September–October 2019


17           Science, the scientific method and the Copernican revolution   Jan Drozd

20           Argus Project: A citizen science project to determine satellite orbits  Trevor Gainey

27           James Cook and the 1769 transit of Venus   Ian Ridpath


4      Editorial  Osnat Katz 

4      AstroNews  Amber Hornsby

SKA has the potential to study the birth of the Universe  Amber Hornsby

Huge cosmic radio burst found in unexpected galaxy  Thom Shutt

Exoplanet survey sheds new light on failed stars Osnat Katz  

How much do galaxies flicker? Untangling sources in galaxy clusters Sarah Jaffa

ALMA finds signs of a moon nursery around PDS 70 Amber Hornsby

 9            Citizen Science Alice Sheppard

SuperWASP variable stars

10           Telescope Topics Ian Morison

Everything about refractors: Part 5 – their use for astrophotography

12           Amateur Scene Peter Wade

News from the north / Patrick Moore in Selsey /

Dark sky challenge / Universal tour back in UK /

Out and about

14           How to capture the colours of stars  Steve Brown

23           Young Stargazers  Cardiff University

From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green   

Creating images with the Faulkes Telescope Project Faulkes Telescope Project

Handle with care: Astronomers build an explosive collection Space Scoop 

31           Space Exploration Nisha Beerjeraz–Hoyle

LightSail 2 launches to demonstrate solar propulsion /

BepiColombo snaps selfies en route to Mercury /

First science results reveal 2014 MU69’s ancient past /

NASA’s new PUNCH mission will study the Sun’s dynamic effects /

UK mission Comet Interceptor selected for launch by ESA

34           What’s up?  Robin Scagell

September and October 2019

Focus on Cassiopeia

36           Section Reports

Deep Sky David Finnigan

Planetary Alan Clitherow

Meteor  Mark McIntyre

Variable Star Matthew Barrett

Aurora and NLC Sandra Brantingham

43           The Society Pages

Exclusive discount to SPA members /

SPA meetings /

44    Sky Diary

Moon data Mandy Bailey

Occultation notes / Meteor notes Mell Jeffery / Mark McIntyre

Planets / Variable Star notes Alan Clitherow / Matthew Barrett

46           SPA contacts

47           Showcase