September-October 2016


Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy September-October 2016

September – October 2016

17 Mercury – more than a mote in the Sun’s eye David Rothery
20 Kielder Spring 2016 Star Camp Stuart Atkinson
26 Juno – probing Jupiter’s depths  Josh Hayes  
28 Astronomy in western art Jan Drozd
4 Editorial  Amanda Doyle                 
4 AstroNews – NAM special 
Observing black hole mergers Melanie Davies
Feeling gravitational waves Melanie Davies
First results from LISA Pathfinder Melanie Davies
Super-bright galaxies shed light on early Universe Paul Sutherland
What meteorites can tell us about Ceres   Amanda Doyle 
One-of-a-kind Martian meteorite Amanda Doyle
Updates to the Dark Energy Survey Tom Barratt
Paving the way for alien atmosphere studies Amanda Doyle
Failed planets could help form next generation Amanda Doyle
Water in Spiderweb Galaxy not where it’s supposed to beKerry Hebden
10  Telescope Topics Ian Morison
Observing and imaging the Sun in the light of its H-alpha emission
12 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
Calling astrophotographers to Jupiter
13 Letters 
A new look for Popular Astronomy Mandy Bailey
An East Suffolk occultation Steve Hubbard 
Win a night at Cholderton 4* Youth Hostel  David Scanlan
14  Amateur Scene Peter Wade
Orwell’s eye on the sky / Search for missing mirror
Space food challenge / Mercury transit trail
Out and about
22  Young Stargazers Robin Scagell
From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
A night to remember James Dawson / Alex Pratt
See two planets in Ophiuchus Robin Scagell
Names and Shapes Robin Scagell
30  Space Exploration Helen Walker
Comet 67P and Rosetta / New view of Jupiter
Crashing into Europa / Crashing into Earth
Second life for an old satellite
33  Equipment Review Steve Wainwright
Atik Infinity CCD camera
36  Section Reports
Contributing to the Meteor observing section Tracie Heywood
Aurora and NLC Sandra Brantigham
A choice of four! Alan Clitherow
Unusual behaviour Tracie Heywood
Sunspots and a transit Geoff Elston
Spring Occultations Mell Jeffery
43   The Society Pages
SPA meetings
44 Sky Diary
Moon data Mandy Bailey
Lunar occultations / Planets Mell Jeffery / Alan Clitherow
Meteor notes / Variable Star notes Tracie Heywood
46 SPA contacts
47  Showcase