Remarkable images from Juno perijove 6

When Nasa’s Juno probe completed its closest approach to the cloud tops of Jupiter on its sixth extended orbit around the giant planet, it took a series of high-resolution images that surpass the best images seen from any other probe so far. These have been stitched together into an animation by Gerald Eichstadt and Sean Doran which has been placed on You-Tube and can be viewed at

Be prepared, this video is a kaleidoscopic experience, helped by the choice of back ground music, being a choral extract from the ‘traversing the stargate’ scenes in the movie 2001. The level of detail on view is quite amazing and should be viewed in the highest definition available. Juno passed from north to south starting at altitude above the North Polar Region, then diving lower and lower to skim the Equatorial Zone then slowly rising again, above the South Pole.  Simply not to be missed.


Alan Clitherow