Lunar Occultations: January 2018 to April 2018

Limiting magnitude +6.0

Details of occultations of fainter stars for your location are available from the director on request. You can either send an e-mail or use the regular post. If you choose the latter means of communication then an SAE is required please.

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25-Jan4624154933206DD23h 25m482326123h 23m3224256
26-JanNSV 014666085370937756DD23h 28m1013325223h 19m8834244
27-Jan7416351942275.5DD18h 24m1584813218h 11m12642128
29-Jan71 Orionis9478634954325.2DD01h 25m1173625501h 15m10738246
08-FebZuben Elakrab, gamma Librae2223214691593703.9DB03h 14m1471213303h 13m1388131
08-FebZuben Elakrab, gamma Librae2223214691593703.9RD04h 14m2571814704h 16m26413145
23-FebAldebaran, alpha Tauri6925912940270.9DD16h 37m984913916h 36m8445138
23-FebAldebaran, alpha Tauri6925912940270.9RB17h 44m2305416417h 46m24550162
05-Mar80 Virginis1950195181394285.7RD03h 08m3173318703h 00m32129181
22-Mar75 Tauri6675767939505DD20h 19m1103325420h 08m9734246
22-Mar Aldebaran, alpha Tauri 6925912940270.9DD23h 38m127429223h 30m1178288
23-Mar 119 Tauri, CE Tauri 8327074946284.3DD22h 42m1102127322h 33m10125267
23-Mar 120 Tauri, V960 Tauri 8367109946495.7DD23h 18m1241628023h 09m11520274
04-Apreta Librae2247216291594665.4RD02h 12m2572216902h 10m26117165

 If you are successful in observing these or any other of the events listed, then please let me know via email ( or the address in Popular Astronomy, or visit the SPA Observing Forum, and share your observation report.



Mag Visual Magnitude.
ZC Zodiacal Catalogue number, originally much favoured by lunar occultation observers.
Ph (R)eappearance, (D)isappearance or (G)raze at (D)ark or (B)right limb of the Moon.
Alt. Altitude. The angular height of the Moon above the horizon at the time of the occultation.
Az. The angular position along the horizon measured from true north in a clockwise direction (through E. S. W back to N.)
PA Position Angle, of the event, measured in an anti-clockwise direction from the direction of the Celestial North Pole.

It is worth remembering that more lunar occultation events can be seen during this period, involving much fainter stars. However, this requires a larger aperture telescope to view them successfully. The limiting magnitude for SPA listed events is normally set at no fainter than +6.0, bringing them into the range of smaller telescope apertures in the 60mm – 70mm size. If you do have access to a medium to large aperture telescope, then you will have the capability to observe many more events, even within a single night. If you are interested in seeing a more detailed listing for your specific observing location then please contact me.