Upcoming Lunar Occultation of CS Virginis on 9 July 2011

Hello everyone

Just a reminder of the following Lunar Occultation:

9 July 2011

Greenwich 20h 52m            Edinburgh sky too bright               times are UT

+5.9mag star CS Virginis will disappear from behind the dark limb of the 68% lit waxing gibbous moon. Read more

January 2011

Mike Clarke (Retford, Nottinghamshire)

My thanks to Mike Clarke for contributing this superb watercolour painting depicting the occultation of the magnitude +7.3 star TYC 5232-1728-1, which took place on Saturday 8th January at 16h 37m UT. Mike noted that “In spite of the very bright conditions the 7th magnitude star was extremely easy to see.”¬Ě Click anywhere on the image to see Mike’s larger version. Read more