Occultation by Pallas

An interesting astronomical event will occur over the UK and Ireland on the 18th of September: An occultation of an +11.0 mag  star TYC 1056-20803-1 by the large asteroid (2) Pallas. The event takes place between 21h 56m UT & 22h 08m UT.

The occultation path and the small uncertainty means that practically anyone observing from most of the UK and all of Ireland will have a fair chance of seeing the event. BUT!  Due to the target star being dimmer than the asteroid there will be no visual magnitude drop, but a close approach may be observed and could be an interesting experience.

How to record this event?

Draw what you see of the two objects in relation to each other, or image the two and/or estimate the last time you could positively see the target star and asteroid separately. Also make a note of the time when you can positively see the star again after occultation.

No note of this event has been made on the Asteroidal Prediction occultation pages of the SPA website, as it doesn’t fit in with our usual criteria.

If you manage to observe this event, please do send me a report to:


Path Map:

Star Chart:

Good luck & clear Skies

Mell Jeffery

Section Director