V1116 Tauri Feb 12 2011

Disappearance of V1116 Tauri on 12th February 2011

The evening of Saturday 12th February provided an opportunity to witness the disappearance of the magnitude +6.0 variable star V1116 Tauri, in the constellation of Taurus. The event was observed and timed successfully by Chris Hall (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire) and Mike Clarke (Retford, Nottinghamshire).

Chris Hall (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire)

Congratulations to Chris Hall, on achieveing his first timing for an occultation event. Chris has been observing for many years, and recently decided to begin timing lunar occultations. I look forward to receiving many more successful observations. The details from Chris’s observation are as follows:

Success at last! I managed to time my first occultation this evening [12 February 2011 of  V1116 Tauri]. My timing was 18h 46m 34.81s, and my Personal Equation time is 0.4sec.

The Latitude and longitude of my observing site is  52* 58′ 13″ N,  2* 11′ 24″ W.

Mike Clarke (Retford, Nottinghamshire)

My thanks to Mike Clarke for his superb report and image for the V1116 Tauri event. Mike’s report is as follows:

Philip Denyer (Hornchurch, Essex)

Congratulations to Philip Denyer, who managed to capture the V1116 Tauri event using his 254mm Newtonian F4.7 mounted on a HEQ5. The occultation was viewed through a Watec 120N+ video camera, via laptop computer using windows movie maker, and the disappearance timed at 18h 50m 33.59s UT. Phil’s superb video of the V1116 Tauri event can be can be viewed by clicking the image below.

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