January 2011

Mike Clarke (Retford, Nottinghamshire)

My thanks to Mike Clarke for contributing this superb watercolour painting depicting the occultation of the magnitude +7.3 star TYC 5232-1728-1, which took place on Saturday 8th January at 16h 37m UT. Mike noted that “In spite of the very bright conditions the 7th magnitude star was extremely easy to see.” Click anywhere on the image to see Mike’s larger version.

XZ 6418 – Paul Brierley (Macclesfield, Cheshire)

Paul managed to time the disappearance of the magnitude +7.8 star XZ 6418 (HIP23333) on January 16, from his location in Macclesfield, using a 10″ reflector at 150x magnification. Paul graded the seeing conditions as ANT II, and reported:

“It was touch and go, trying to see the star against the bright Moon. I had to employ high power to see the magnitude +7.8 star XZ6418 (x150), but once I had it then I was able to keep the star in view by slowly nudging the telescope. The star disappeared at 19h 22m UT, between the craters Bailly and Wargentin, near the Moon’s Southern pole .“

NGC 1746 – Mike Clark (Retford, Nottinghamshire)

Mike witnessed the occultation of NGC 1746, an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

1 Geminorum

My thanks to Mike Clarke (Retford, Nottinghamshire) for his report on the disappearance of 1 Geminorum on the 17th January. Mike’s detailed report is shown below.

1 Geminorum

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