November–December 2018

14 . . . and it came from outer space Roger O’Brien

17 Combatting the misconceptions behind the Antikythera mechanism Joe Ward

20 Why the JWST is worth the wait Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle

33 Shining light on dark energy Osnat Katz

4 Editorial Mandy Bailey

4 AstroNews Osnat Katz/Amber Hornsby
Star-sized brown dwarfs leave scientists stumped Osnat Katz
Opportunity: could this be the end? Osnat Katz
New Horizons gets first glimpse of Ultima Thule Alex Dunne
Catching up with a runaway giant Alice Booth
A new Saturnian hexagon high above the clouds Melanie Davies

9 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
Spectra: the technique pioneered by citizens

10 Telescope Topics Ian Morison
Observing the Moon – part 4: western longitudes
and lunar eclipses

12 Amateur Scene Peter Wade
Mexborough & Swinton mark 40 years/Societies’ long hot summer /
No red Moon rising for us/Dark sky observatory
Crayford welcome Back to Basics/Out and about

22 Young Stargazers Mandy Bailey
From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
Augmented reality: the Sun Faulkes Telescope Project
The mystery of the Sun’s scorching halo Space Scoop

26 How to… Martin Lewis
…improve your planetary imaging with an atmospheric
dispersion corrector

30 Space Exploration Jack Piercy
Life on Europa’s radiated surface:
we may know where to look!/
NASA announces crews for the first commercial spaceflights/
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe a mission of firsts!

35 Section Reports
Aurora and NLC Sandra Brantingham
Planetary Alan Clitherow
Solar Geoff Elston
Deep Sky David Finnigan
Lunar Graham Sparrow

41 Letters David Frydman
Martin Ratcliffe

42 The Society Pages
Announcement of the 2019 SPA Annual General Meeting
SPA meetings
The planet Mercury and the BepiColombo mission Steve Anderson / Keith Moseley

44 Sky Diary
Moon data Mandy Bailey
Occultation notes / Meteor notes Mell Jeffery/Paul Sutherland
Planets / Variable Star notes Alan Clitherow/Matthew Barrett

46 SPA contacts

47 Showcase