November-December 2017

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy November-December 2017


9 Introduction to variable star observing Tracie Heywood
17 Solar sketching – capturing the Sun’s dynamic surface Deirdre Kelleghan
19 The Winter Milky Way Mike Inglis
22 Magnificent mergers: the reshaping of galaxies Osnat Katz
4 Editorial Amanda Doyle

4 AstroNews Amy Tyndall

AstroNews in brief Amanda Doyle
Fastest rotating pulsar in the Galaxy discovered Sarah Jaffa
Inverted inferno Thomas Barratt
A pitch black and scorching world: WASP-12b Emma Foxell
CHIME: Ringing in a new era of radio astronomy Amber Hornsby

12 Telescope Topics Ian Morison
An interesting pair of binoculars for observing the heavens

14 Amateur Scene Peter Wade
More dark sky discoveries / Space art on show /
Aurorae at home/ Big American adventures / Out and about

24 Young Stargazers Robin Scagell
From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
AstroCrafts: A Christmas project – make planetary baubles Alice Sheppard
Find your way around the Moon Robin Scagell

28 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
Happy tenth birthday Galaxy Zoo

29 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year

30 Space Exploration Jane MacArthur
Juno revelations require new models for Jupiter /
BepiColombo completes stack testing / CubeSat exploration of Venus /
Counting calories in space / Where is Curiosity now?

33 Book Reviews
4th Rock from the Sun: The Story of Mars Osnat Katz

33 Letters Martin Whillock

34 Section Reports
Solar Geoff Elston
Deep Sky David Finnigan
Planetary Alan Clitherow
Lunar Graham Sparrow
Variable Star Tracie Heywood
Meteor Tracie Heywood

41 Sky Diary
Occultation notes Mell Jeffery
Moon data/ Meteor notes Mandy Bailey / Tracie Heywood
Planets / Variable Star notes Alan Clitherow / Tracie Heywood

44 The Society Pages
Dr Helen Walker / Membership renewals /
Announcement of the 2018 SPA Annual General Meeting /
SPA meetings
Searching for signs of life with the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Steve Anderson

46 SPA contacts

47 Showcase