November-December 2016

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy November-December 2016


20 Prague’s astronomical clock – Ian Birrell

26 The space photometry revolution – Donald Kurtz

30 Superrotating atmospheres – David Stevenson


4      Editorial  –   Amanda Doyle

4      AstroNews  –  Amy Tyndall
AstroNews in brief   – Amanda Doyle
NASA’s first asteroid-sampling mission launches successfully  –  Gaargi Jain
ESA’s Gaia on its way to creating highly-anticipated billion star map  –  Chloe McElvaney
Cassini begins its ultimate year around Saturn –   Amy Tyndall

8    Peter Grego  – Various

10    Telescope Topics  –  Ian Morison
Using a monochrome webcam to image the Moon in the red or infrared

12    Amateur Scene  –  Peter Wade
Liverpool host historic meeting / Timing project result
All ears for rockets / Light pollution survey
On track for Space Race / Out and about

14    Q&A with John Zarnecki

15    Citizen Science  –  Alice Sheppard
Citizens search for other worlds

17    Space Exploration  –  Helen Walker
Juno at Jupiter / Mars
Outer Solar System news / Farewell Jade Rabbit

22    Young Stargazers  –  Robin Scagell
From the Chief Stargazer  –  Lucie Green 
Landmarks in space travel: Vostok 1  –  George Ford
Help! I don’t understand angles!  –  Robin Scagell
Postcards from Mars –   Robin Scagell

33    Book Reviews
Project Mercury and Project Gemini  –  Ray Ward
Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time  –  Jan Drozd
The Art of Space: The History of Space Art, from the Earliest
Visions to the Graphics of the Modern Era – Jan Drozd

35    Section Reports
Solar  –  Geoff Elston
Summer clusters, galaxies and nebulae –   David Finnigan
Mars and Saturn at low elevation  –   Alan Clitherow
Fireballs and daytime meteor showers   – Tracie Heywood
Aurora and NLC  –  Sandra Brantingham
Summer variables   –  Tracie Heywood

42    The Society Pages
Announcement of the 2017 SPA Annual General Meeting
SPA meetings
Gravitational waves – a new astronomy  –  Robin Scagell

44    Sky Diary
Moon data   – Mandy Bailey
Lunar occultations / Planets  –  Mell Jeffery / Alan Clitherow 
Meteor notes / Variable Star notes  –  Tracie Heywood

46    SPA contacts

47    Showcase