SPA Newsletter

A fairly recent innovation by the society has been the launch of the emailed SPA Newsletter, a members-only service to alert them to major discoveries or special events.

These emails provide a quick means of circulating information to SPA members in between copies of Popular Astronomy. We’ll keep you informed about what’s happening within the SPA, and in the world of amateur astronomy as well.

The Newsletters proved their worth with events such as the discovery of the supernova SN 2012J in nearby galaxy M82, when we notified members within hours of it being found. Another alerted members to rapidly changing events with the demise of the much-hyped Comet ISON.

There is no regular schedule to the SPA Newsletters. They will be issued only when there’s something to say. Members apply to receive them by emailing with their membership details, and they can unsubscribe at any time.