Report a sighting

Welcome to the Fireball reporting pages of the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA)

A fireball sighting should be recorded as soon as possible after the event. This is very important, as you may easily forget some details or be influenced by any other reports that you have seen if you delay.

Images can be mailed to:

The SPA primarily deals with fireballs seen from the British Isles. If you are located elsewhere in the world, it may be more useful to report your sighting to your national astronomy group, if one exists.

There is a choice of two report forms:

Most people will probably find the first version of the form the easiest to use. It starts by asking for your location (you can just specify your postcode if you were at home). Subsequent questions involve marking directions on local maps and marking how high the fireball appeared above the horizon.

In addition to sending your report to the SPA, this will also submit your report to an international database, thus aiding the worldwide study of fireballs. Fireball reports in that database are visible on-line but do not show your contact details .

Please click on the image below and answer the questions as best you can






If, however, you are familiar with the constellation patterns in the night sky, please also click on the image below and complete as much as possible of our detailed report form






For guidance in completing this form, please see our Guide to the detailed Fireball Report form

Please make sure that you include your email address as this will allow us to let you know of any other reports of your fireball that have been received.