Report a sighting

Please use this page to report a fireball. A sighting should be recorded as soon as possible after the event. This is very important, as you may easily forget some details or be influenced by any other reports that you have seen if you delay.

Report Form

To file your report, please use the form here. The form will take you through a few pages where you can pick your location, the direction in which you saw the fireball, and a few other important things about it.

The form is submitted to the International Meteor Organization so you can use this page wherever you are in the world. By reporting what you saw, you’re helping scientists with their research into meteors and fireballs – and you may even help to find a meteorite!

The SPA also get a copy of any report you file through this page but if you’re outside the British Isles we recommend you also report it to your local astronomy club.  When completing the form do please include your email address as this will allow us to let you know of any other reports of your fireball that have been received.

Finally, if you were lucky enough to take a photo, please do email it to the meteor section director at We would love to use your pictures in the magazine and on the website if we can.

Photo of the Winchombe fireball in Feb 2021. Credit UKMON/R Fleet

For more guidance in completing this form, please see our Guide to the detailed Fireball Report form