October Camelopardalids

October Camelopardalids:  A minor meteor shower that has occasionally produced good observed rates, including in 2016.

Main Activity Dates Oct 5 – 6
Peak Rates Oct 6 00h-04h ?
Peak ZHR 1-5
Best Observed Rates Oct 6
Visibility each night (UK) Visible all night
Moonlight issues at Maximum Major: nearly full Moon



This low-activity meteor shower occasionally does something interesting.


A significant level of activity from the October Camelopardalids was reported by video observers in 2005 and 2006. Another outburst was recorded in 2016, between 14h and 15h UT on Oct 5th (for further info, see here ). No significant activity was seen in other years. A recurrence of the 2016 event would most likely peak some time after midnight UT on Oct 6, favouring UK observers.

The October Camelopardalid radiant, at approx RA 11h, Dec +78, is located roughly midway between the pointers (alpha and beta UMa) and Polaris, as is shown in the accompanying chart.