Meteoric and meteor-related items from the ENBs and SPA Forums



This page gives a series of links to meteoric and meteoritic topics to be found among the archived SPA Electronic News Bulletin (ENB) and Forum postings available on this website. These are in addition to those link-indexes given elsewhere among the Meteor Section’s webpages, and mostly relate to general subjects, to specific past items before the start of the 21st century, or those items which have no particular date associated with them. The linked topics are segregated by subject, while multiple links are given in datal order, most recent first.


  • “Sky lanterns”, separating from genuine meteors: ENB 270.
  • Superbolide (fireballs of at least magnitude -17) literature references: Forum.

Impact Events & Craters:


  • Falls vs. Finds: Forum.
  • Libyan Desert Glass & Tutankhamun’s treasure: Forum.
  • Sikhote Alin meteorite fall, Russia, 1947 February 12: Forum.
  • Meteorite notes (general, with some references): Forum.
  • Meteorites, properties on arrival at surface: Forum.
  • Micrometeorites, problems in finding: Forum.
  • Oldham, Greater Manchester & Wavertree, Liverpool, supposed ‘meteorites’ once displayed at both: Forum.

Meteor Observing & Analysis:

  • Colours & spectra of meteors: Forum.
  • Digital imaging of meteors: Forum.
  • Meteor-paths, basic triangulation calculations from two stations: Forum.
  • Radio meteor astronomy, recollections of early professional work at Jodrell Bank from Sir Bernard Lovell: Forum.
  • Radio meteor observing, meteor shower radiant determination from: Forum.
  • “Sky lanterns”, separating from genuine meteors: ENB 270.
  • Sonic booms & simultaneous sounds associated with meteors: Forum.

Meteor Prospects:

  • Artificial meteors: Forum.
  • Near-Earth Object 2002NY40, possible new fireball stream identified as associated with: ENB 233.
  • Russian Briz-M rocket fuel tank breakup, possible future re-entry fireball reservoir: ENB 216.

Meteor Showers & Sporadics:

Off-World Meteors:

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