Meteor Section Reports 2010


Details of recent meteor activity as observed by Section members and others are regularly reported, with additional meteor-related news, in the SPA’s Electronic News Bulletins, and sometimes also in the SPA’s online Forums. Occasionally, separate special reports are issued on this website as well. The links below provide direct access to such information from the current year.

Meteor Shower Reports:

Fireball Reports:

International Meteor Conference:

Non-Meteoric Events:

  • January 1, New Year releases of sky-lanterns widely mistaken for meteors and fireballs, UK: ENB 280, General Chat Forum.
  • April sky-lantern sightings, mistaken for meteors again, UK: ENB 287.
  • Late July, “meteorite” at a cricket match, southern England: ENB 293.

Off-World Meteors:

Alastair McBeath

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