Meteor Section Reports 2007

This page contains links to the SPA’s archived Electronic News Bulletins (ENBs) and its online Forums, that gave details of meteor activity in 2007 as observed and reported to the Meteor Section. Items are listed by topic and in datal order through the year. Where more than one link is given, they are listed with the most recent first. In general, the ENB reports have more recent and detailed information than the Forum notes, but the Forums often show how individual observers reacted to events better. A link is also given to an annotated list of fireball reports from the whole year, most of which fireballs were seen from Britain or nearby.

Meteor Shower Reports:

Fireball Reports:

Impact Events:

  • March 27, South Pacific, supposed near miss between an airliner and a fireball: ENB 218.
  • September 15, Peru: ENB 240, ENB 229, Forum.

Alastair McBeath

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