A very favourable year for the Geminids

Weather permitting, 2017 should be a great year for observing the Geminids, with peak activity due to occur durig the night of Dec 13-14 (Wed-Thurs). Geminid rates will also be quite high during the night of Dec 12-13 and also fairly good during the nights of Dec 11-12 and Dec 14-15, but do be aware that rates drop off quite steeply in the nights after maximum. Read more

Bright Fireball @ 17:15 GMT on Wed Nov 23rd

This fireball has been reported by many observers, including Camille Metcalfe (Alnwick, Northumberland), Maggie Daly (Branston, Lincs), Ian Bateman (Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham), Adrian Mitton (Addingham, West Yorks), Steve Thackeray (Bailrigg, Lancs), James Soper (Galway), Paul Delaney (Limerick), John Paul Breslin (Glasgow), Nick Quinn (Dollar, Scotland), Laura Murphy   (Ardrossan, Scotland),   Mary Gillen (Drumgor, N Ireland) and Stuart Atkinson (Kendal, Cumbria). Read more