Meteor Sky Notes March and April 2022

The least said about March the better. All we can hope for is a sporadic fireball leading to a Winchcombe type find!

Luckily April is better. The April Lyrids (LYR) peak on the afternoon of 22nd April. Hourly rates of up to 90 are often quoted but realistically 18-20 is more likely. The radiant rises around 21:00 but the waning gibbous Moon will rise about midnight so the best time to observe will be between these hours.

Later in the month we have the η-Aquariids (ETA), best seen before dawn. The peak is around the 6th of May but meteors may be seen anytime from mid April to mid May so look on any clear morning. The hourly rate is quoted at 40, and with the Moon just past new, moonlight should not interfere too much but a rate of ten is more likely.