Meteor outlook for September and October 2021

The Aurigids peak on 1st September this year but with a last quarter Moon near the radiant, and the radiant low above the horizon, conditions are not ideal. On the other hand the September eta-Perseids peak around the 9th September, close to the new Moon on 7th, and so conditions should be good from around 22:00 local time.  Both showers have rates of around 5 per hour though the Aurigids have been known to outburst up to 50.

In October, the Draconids peak on the 8th and Camelopardids on the 5th, shortly after the new Moon.  The Southern Taurids are active from late September to late October, with a peak around the 10th October. The Orionids on the 21st/22nd will be washed out by moonlight.  These showers all have rates of between 5 and 10 per hour.