Meteor Outlook for April to June 2021

The Lyrids (LYR) peak on the afternoon of 22nd April and the ZHR can be up to 90 but 18-20 is more normal. The best time to watch is just before dawn, but a waxing crescent Moon will probably reduce the visible rate to five or six an hour. If you decide to watch the show, please do send in a report.

The eta Aquariids (ETA) peak about 03:00UT on the 6th of May, and may have an hourly rate as high as 50 but the radiant rises just before dawn making it harder to observe.

The June Bootids (JBO) have not been active for several years and in any events coincide with the nearly full Moon this year, with their maximum between 23rd and 27th June.

There are however many day-time showers in May and June, so if you’re operating a radio detector, look out for the eta-Arietids (DEA) which peak at 09:00UT on 9th May, the May Arietids (DMA) at 10:00UT on 16th May, the Daytime Arietids (ARI) at 10:00UT on 7th June and the zeta Perseids (ZPE) at 12:00UT on the 9th of June. The Arietids can have an hourly rate of up to 30.

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