Possible Draconid Outburst 6-7th October

The IMO reports that there is the possibility of an outburst of the Draconids this year on the evening of 6th October.

In early October the Earth passes through the debris trail of comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. Usually this produces little activity, but calculations indicate that this year we’ll pass close to two strands of the debris trail possibly giving rise to an outburst.

The peaks of the outbursts are estimated to be 0125UT and 0157UT on the 7th of October but activity is expected to last for a few hours so observers should go out as soon as its dark. The radiant is near the head of Draco and will be well placed with the waning gibbous Moon on the opposite side of the sky and not rising till 10pm.

The Draconids are slow moving and usually faint, so radio detectors may pick up more than visual ones.  In 2018 the rate briefly reached 150 and in 2011 it reached 300.

[thanks to Paul Sutherland for bringing this to my attention]

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