Possible outburst of Phoenicids on 23rd Nov and 2nd Dec

eMeteorNews reports that researchers have suggested there may be enhanced activity from the Phoenicids (PHO) on 23rd November and 2nd December, as the Earth passes through denser patches of cometary debris that we last traversed in 1877, 1898 and 1946.

Although the Phoenicids are not normally a northern hemisphere shower, the location of the debris suggests the radiant may be much nearer the ecliptic than normal, somewhere near theta Ceti (01h, -07deg). Meteors from this location would be slow moving and probably quite distinctive.

If you’re operating a video camera or radio detection set, please check your data for the evening of 23rd Nov, and keep an eye out for enhanced activity on the 2nd as well.

More information here https://www.meteornews.net/2019/11/22/forecast-for-phoenicids-pho254-in-2019/

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