Meteor Outlook for November 2019

Most of 2019’s meteor showers are cursed by bright Moons and November’s are no exception. Of course its still possible to see meteors, and here’s a summary of what you might see.

At the start of the month we still have the Northern Taurids (NTA) and Orionids (ORI) going on. The Orionids tail off by the 7th. The Northern Taurids peak on about 11th Nov but a nearly full Moon will interfere with an hourly rate of five and you are not likely to see much except the brightest. NTAs are medium speed meteors.

The Leonids (LEO) are next. They peak on 16/17th Nov, but an 80% Moon will get in the way. Worse, the radiant doesn’t rise till midnight by which time the Moon will be high in the sky. Quoted rates are 15 but with half the sky below the horizon and the Moon bleaching the sky, i reckon five would be a good rate. Leonids do often have persistent trails though, and a weak outburst is possible if the Earth passes through a denser patch of debris from 55P/Temple-Tuttle, the parent body. Leonids are fast-moving and the radiant is in the “crook” of Leo’s tail as shown in the picture below which shows the view looking East at around 3am.

Later in the month there are two lesser showers, starting with the α-Monocerotids (AMO) which peak dawn on 22nd at a rate of five per hour. The radiant will be low in the south east and a crescent Moon will rise at 01.30 so check early. The Northern Orionids (NOO) run from 14th Nov to 6th Dec with a peak around 28th. The rate of three per hour is low but fast moving and the Moon is new so you should spot one or two.

If you do see something please send in a report to or use the link on our website to report it via the IMO. When making a report of a sighting, please include the date, time, your location, the direction in which you saw the object, and rough direction it was going in. This can help us link it to other sightings, and maybe even work out more about the meteoroid that caused it.

2 thoughts on “Meteor Outlook for November 2019

  • 4th November 2019 at 7:21 pm


    There is a prediction in CBET 4692 that there could be an outburts of the ALPHA MONOCEROTIDS at 04:50 on 22/11/2019. If it happens it will be very short. I have posted some more details on the SPA bulletin board. The moon may interfere as while there could be an outburt the meteors are not very bright.

    • 5th November 2019 at 9:19 am

      Thanks John, I wasn’t aware of this prediction. Which BBS did you post details on please?


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