Notable Meteors & Fireballs : 2017 Sep-Oct

Here, in reverse chronological order, is a summary of notable meteors and fireballs reported during September and October:

2017 Sep 14th 05:09 GMT (06:09 BST)

This fireball was witnessed by Elliot Carpenter (Longbenton, Newcastle upon Tyne) in his eastern sky. He described it as being bright green in colour and having a duration of 1-2 seconds.

The fireball was also witnessed from a number of locations across northern England, the London area and the Netherlands. Winesses in the Netherlands saw it in their north western sky while those in the London area saw it in the northern sky. All of this fits in with the fireball being over the north sea and closest to NE England.  These additional reports of this fireball can be viewed  here

No images of the fireball have come to light so far. This is probably due to the fireball occurring when the twilight was rather bright and hence most automated camera fireball systems would have already “switched off” at the end of the night. Experience also shows that video cameras tend to perform less well than the human eye at picking up fireballs in twilight conditions.

2017 Sep 5th  22:09 GMT (23:09 BST)

Tony Quinn (Winkley, North Yorkshire) reported a fireball that he saw through cloud and cloud gaps. The fireball, probably about magnitude -6, was in his north western sky and heading north.  He describes it as fragmenting as it descended from around altitude 60 deg to altitude 20 deg and leaving a long train.

The fireball was also seen from a number of other locations, with most witnesses being in central and eastern Scotland.  Unfortunately, almost all witnesses seem to have been on the eastern side of its atmospheric trajectory and this makes it tricky to accurately determine that trajectory.  However, it seems likely that the fireball started over the Kintyre/Isle of Arran area (or possibly a little further south) and headed in a roughly NNW direction along the west coast of Scotland towards Mull.

Additional reports of this fireball can be viewed  here