Fireball Reports 2014 Nov to 2015 Feb

Here is a summary of fireball reports from the UK during the period 2014 November to 2015 February

2014 Nov 12  22:15 GMT

Jess Brammer (Milton Keynes) reported a fireball heading in a south easterly direction and leaving a persistent train. He was able to see it for 2 seconds before it disappeared behind a rooftop.

This fireball was also seen from Coventry.

2014 Dec 02  18:35 GMT

Alan Clitherow (Fife) reported a fireball heading from near the star Altair, in Aquila, to near the star Algenib, in Leo. The fireball was slow moving, with a duration of possibly 9 seconds. The fireball was bright enough to still be clearly visible as it approached the part of the sky containing the Moon and left a train which was persistent for 2 seconds. A small amount of fragmentation was seen.

There are additional reports elsewhere that show this fireball to have been visible from Devon, Birmingham, Northumberland and Aberdeenshire

2014 Dec 07  22:10 GMT

Kevin Boyle (Stoke on Trent) reported a fireball/bright meteor of 2-3 seconds duration, approx 10-15 degrees to the right of Orion and heading downwards. The fireball was white in colour. No fragmentation was seen.

2014 Dec 28  21:00 GMT

Robert Hardman (London) reported a very green fireball of 1 sec duration that broke up into multiple streaks. The fireball was heading downwards in the south western sky, to the left of the Moon.

A report on another website indicates that this fireball was also seen from Newquay.

2015 Jan 04  02:26:57 GMT

As noted in the Quadrantid report, Richard Fleet‘s video cameras at Wilcot, Wiltshire imaged a bright sporadic fireball at 02:26:57 GMT on Jan 4. Richard notes it to have been several times brighter than Venus. The video, at  , is certainly worth a view!

2015 Jan 06 13:20 GMT

Nigel Robson (Burton, Somerset) reported a possible daytime event in the western sky. The object was white in colour and had a duration of 5-6 seconds as it rose from alt 70 deg to alt 80 deg, leac=ving a 2 second train. Nigel noted that it was moving several times faster than any high altitude aircraft he has seen.

2015 Jan 23  22:04 GMT

David Nelson (Isle of Skye) reported a fireball seen through the window of his house. Inevitably he only saw part of the object’s path and so was only able to describe it as a very bright point of light heading downward in the western sky at a “slow shooting star speed”.

2015 Feb 21  01:05 GMT

Charles (Rutland) reported a fireball of duration approx 2 seconds seen heading downwards in his east north eastern sky.