Fireball reports from 2012 February

This report has been compiled from the SPA Forum entry posted by Alastair McBeath).

Here is a summary of fireballs spotted from the British Isles and nearby during 2012 February:
* February 17-18, around 18:55 UT, produced a bright fireball perhaps over the North Sea, as seen from Perthshire & Kinross in eastern Scotland. 
* On February 18-19, at about 22:45 UT, a fireball of at least magnitude -4 was observed from Herefordshire. This object fragmented into three towards the end of its flight. 
* February 24-25 provided a bright meteor at 18:10 UT or so for another lucky witness in Perthshire & Kinross (not the same person as the previous week, however!). 
Any fresh reports of these or other fireballs (meteors of magnitude -3 and brighter) would be welcomed by the Section.
Advice on what to record and where to report to  can be found at :

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