Fireball reports from 2012 January

(This report has been compiled from the SPA Forum entry posted by Alastair McBeath)

The notes below detail those fireballs reported to the SPA from the British Isles and nearby from 2012 January, so those interested can keep up to date with such events. Note that identified Quadrantid fireballs near their maximum on January 4 are deliberately excluded here. 
* January 1-2, around 21:30 UT produced a magnitude -3 or brighter event for a witness in Middlesex. The initial report is elsewhere on the Observing Forum: 
* On the other side of midnight on January 1-2, around 04:55 UT, a bright orange-yellow fireball was spotted from Dorset. It may have been the same as a meteor imaged by the University of Hertfordshire’ camera at Niton on the Isles of Wight, timed to within two minutes of 04:51 UT. See here: 
for the image, with thanks to David Entwistle for identifying this image as possibly identical. 
* January 7-8, ~01:11 UT produced another fireball for an observer in East Yorkshire. 
* January 12-13, at 18:17:09 UT ± 7 sec, provided a spectacular fireball of at least magnitude -5 that was seen very widely across southern England. Twenty five-reports have reached the Meteor Section on it so far, including two images by the Niton and Bayfordbury cameras of the Herts University’s all-sky camera system (details via Herts University analyst, David Campbell). More information can be found on the Observing Forum about this meteor, including links to the images, here: 
* Later on January 12-13, albeit rather vaguely timed somewhere between roughly 19h and 20h UT, a very bright green fireball was spotted in clouds from West Sussex, 
* The following evening (Jan 13-14), probably within two minutes of 20:29 UT, a further fireball was reported from west and south Wales, and probably Cumbria, with the meteor likely passing on a roughly southeast to northwest course above central-northern Wales, perhaps ending over the adjoining Irish Sea.  All three of these initial reports can be found on the UK Weather World’s Space Weather Forum, at: 
* A further fireball on January 13-14, at around 20:55 UT, was seen in the western sky heading northwards from Hampshire. Like the others from that night, this one’s initial report appeared on the UK Weather World’s Space Weather Forum, at: 
All additional observations of these or other fireballs (meteors of magnitude -3 and brighter) would be welcomed by the Section. Advice on what to report and where to report to  can be found at: 

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