Officers of the society

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Stephen SerjeantProf. Stephen Serjeant

Stephen is a cosmologist at the Open University and is very keen on communicating astronomy to the public, such as through his brilliant 60-Second Adventures in Astronomy‘ animation series. 

Vice President

Robin Scagell
Prof Andrew Coates

Andrew is a leading planetary scientist at University College London’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

Vice President

Robin Scagell
Robin Scagell

Robin has been a member almost since he first learned to walk. He is well known for producing some of the most useful guide books to astronomy you will find.


Guy FennimoreGuy Fennimore

Guy is our super-efficient Secretary who ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and keeps everyone else in order.

36 Fairway, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5DU. Email:

Membership Secretary

Graham JonesGraham Jones

Graham took over in 2018 and is responsible for keeping our membership lists up to date.



Dusko NovakovicDusko Novakovic

Dusko’s job really counts!


Publicity Officer

Robin Scagell
Robin Scagell

Robin doubles up as Publicity Officer when he’s not Vice Presidenting

Popular Astronomy Editor

Robin ScagellRobin Scagell

Robin is currently Acting Editor 



Paul Sutherland, Robin Scagell

What’s the saying – jack of all trades, webmaster of none? We keep the pages going, write features and news stories, create artworks….


Council members

Ian Robson

Prof. Ian Robson

Ian, a leading light in UK professional astronomy, joined the society when he was a teenager, and remains an enthusiastic supporter.

Margaret PenstonDr. Margaret Penston MBE

Margaret used to study stars at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, and is now a tutor for the Open University. 

Alice Sheppard

Our citizen-science guru, Alice keeps us informed about how we can push forward the frontiers of science from our laptops!

Paul SutherlandPaul Sutherland

Paul is a prolific freelance writer who also runs the Skymania astronomy news website.