May-June 2018


12 The invisible Universe: the story of radio astronomy Brian Faulkner
17 Gravitational waves: what have we learned so far? Steven Thomson
20 Impact Scotland! Keith Wilson
26 Venus, unveiled Joe Scaife


4 Editorial Amanda Doyle

4 AstroNews Amy Tyndall

Martian rover reaches operational milestone Amber Hornsby
ESPRESSO perks up very large telescope Calum Turner
Wide-field observations uncover latest victim of galactic cannibalism James Fawcett
TRAPPIST-1 planet masses suggest water rich worlds Emma Foxell
Neptune’s dwindling storm spied by Hubble Amy Tyndall

9 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard

ExoWorlds Spies: Citizen Science at the Holomon
Astronomical Station

10 Telescope Topics Ian Morison

Observing the Moon – part 1

22 Young Stargazers Robin Scagell

From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
Ten amazing facts about Pluto Kate Blackham
Could you see a supernova? Robin Scagell

30 Space Exploration Jane MacArthur

Aging of the fleet at Mars
Fleet reinforcements getting ready
New additions to the fleet at Mars
The mysterious poles of Jupiter

33 Amateur Scene Peter Wade

Let’s go stargazing
Warm Newcastle welcome
Somerset stargazers
Super Moon
Astronaut training challenge
Out and about

35 Section Reports

Meteor Tracie Heywood
Planetary Alan Clitherow
Variable Star Tracie Heywood
Lunar Graham Sparrow
Deep Sky David Finnigan

42 The Society Pages

Membership renewals
SPA meetings
Highlights of the Cassini mission Steve Anderson

44 Letters Martin Whillock

44 Sky Diary

Moon data Mandy Bailey
Meteor notes Tracie Heywood
Planets Alan Clitherow
Variable Star notes Tracie Heywood

46 SPA contacts

47 Showcase