May-June 2017

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy May-June 2017


17 Revealing Pluto’s new horizons   Nicholas House
20 Looking back at comet Hale-Bopp   Stuart Atkinson
22 Big telescopes: the future is nearly here Melanie Davies
28 Earth’s seven sisters  Thomas Barratt


4 Editorial   Amanda Doyle            
 4 AstroNews     Amy Tyndall
                 Astronomers shed light on elusive dark matter Andrew May
            UK Spaceports are “go for ignition”   Matjaz Vidmar
                Astronomers still mystified by SN 1987a 30 years on  Amber Hornsby
            Dust traps provide missing link in planet formation mystery Gaargi Jain
8              Q&A with Carolyn Porco
9 Citizen Science    Alice Sheppard
            Light Pollution: I
10  Book Reviews              
                Philip’s Essential Guide to Space Michael Penston (YSG)
                From the Sun to the Stars   Alan Ackerley
            Welcome to the Universe    Ellen Leahy
11 Equipment Review
                A finder for visual astronomy   Martin Whillock
12  Telescope Topics  Ian Morison
            An amateur astronomer’s telescope: (1) short focal length refractors        
14  Amateur Scene  Peter Wade
            Tales of two observatories / Brazil’s star-spangled flag
               ASH quiz – Quiz corner / Out and about
                Solarsphere 11 – 14 August 2017 Sarah Coburn
24 Young Stargazers                                                          
            From the Chief Stargazer  Lucie Green
            What will happen when the Earth’s magnetic field flips?  Alan Ackerley
                AstroCrafts: Make a Moon movie                                                      Alice Sheppard
            Help! I don’t understand focal lengths  Robin Scagell
31  Space Exploration Helen Walker
            Surf’s up – on Venus  / Falcon 9 and Iridium flares
               Moon rovers and the Google Lunar X-prize / Meteorites and other rubble
                Cassini’s grand finale – update / Planet 9
34 Section Reports
                Variable star / Meteor Tracie Heywood
            Planetary   Alan Clitherow
            Lunar   Graham Sparrow
            Solar  Geoff Elston
            Occultation  Mell Jeffery
            Deep sky  David Finnigan
42 Letters John R Fletcher
42  The Society Pages
                SPA meetings
                The cosmic dawn and the first galaxies   Steve Anderson
44  Sky Diary
                Moon data  Mandy Bailey
            Lunar occultations / Meteor notes Mell Jeffery / Tracie Heywood
            Planets / Variable Star notes                                                                Alan Clitherow / Tracie Heywood
46 SPA contacts

47  Showcase