May-June 2016

Popular Astronomy
May-June 2016


 8   The transit of Mercury Alan Clitherow and Robin Scagell

15 Return to the ice giants            Joseph Scaife

19 Oscillating neutrinos change flavour:  The 2015 Nobel Prize winning discovery Chloe McElvaney

30 Ripples in space open new window on cosmos Steven Thomson


4  Editorial Amanda Doyle             

 4  AstroNews Amy Tyndall

 AstroNews in brief Amanda Doyle

Galaxy distance record smashed Melanie Davies

Repeating bursts of radio waves from mysterious object Amber Hornsby

A new twist in the evolution of stars Melanie Davies                                

9  Citizen Science Alice Sheppard

Young Citizen Scientists

 10 Telescope Topics Ian Morison

One shot colour cameras for astroimaging    

12 Amateur Scene Peter Wade

Astronauts and Stargazing Live / Observatory in Bury St Edmunds/

 Space artists / Out and about

 14 Letters

 End of an era

 Goodbye Newton, hello Einstein!

 23 Young Stargazers 

From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green

What would it be like to …    live in a globular cluster?  Alan Ackerley

What did Tim do? Kate Blackham

Observing challenge: Find three globulars Robin Scagell

 27 Space Exploration Helen Walker

 31 Q & A Amanda Doyle

Matt Taylor: Rosetta project scientist

 34 Section Reports

Gassendi – the Moon’s most observed crater Peter Grego

Aurora and NLC                Sandra Brantingham

Aldebaran delights Mell Jeffery

Winter meteor shower report Tony Markham

A quiet start to 2016 Geoff Elston

Difficult winter conditions Alan Clitherow

Clusters, galaxies and nebulae galore David Finnigan

Binocular variables Tony Markham

 42 Sky Diary

Variable stars / Moon data Tony Markham / Mandy Bailey

Lunar occultations Mell Jeffery

Planets / Meteor notes                Alan Clitherow / Tony Markham

44 The Society Pages

Astrobiology: the quest to understand life in the Universe

SPA meetings / Jodrell Bank’s Tim is new President of SPA Robin Scagell/Paul Sutherland

46 SPA contacts

47 Showcase