March–April 2018

PA cover March 2018


14     The planet that never was Bryan Woods
17     Highlights of the Spring Milky Way Mike Inglis
20     A heavenly bird – exploring Corvus Martin Griffiths
26     Thirty years of H+3 in Space Steve Miller


4    Editorial Amanda Doyle

4    AstroNews Amy Tyndall
      Farthest gravitationally lensed galaxy discovered Amy Tyndall
      Glimpses of Mars’ underground ice Calum Turner
      Radio-loud quasars traced back to spinning black holes Osnat Katz
      Hubble discovers sub-stellar jewels Calum Turner
      Earth-like features on Titan Nicholas House
9    Citizen Science Alice Sheppard
      Citizen science and the solar eclipse
10   Telescope Topics Ian Morison
      Thoughts about focusers
12   Amateur Scene Peter Wade
      Messier Marathon Season / Sir Patrick’s Legacy
      Bristol welcomes Back to Basics / Worldwide Space Celebration
      Puzzle puts them in order / Final words on eclipse / Out and about
22  Young Stargazers Robin Scagell
      From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
      Observing Challenge – Auriga Robin Scagell
      Astrocrafts: Make a parachute Alice Sheppard
29 Space Exploration Jane MacArthur
      MAVEN used to examine habitability of exoplanets
      Preliminary science from Cassini’s Grand Finale
      Mission finalists: Dragonfly vs CAESAR
      Extended BEAM time on the ISS
33  Letters
      SPA weekend at Preston Montford
      Guide to the features of the Moon in the November-December issue
      Alan Heath – Astronomer Extraordinaire
      Astronomy in the U3A
35  Section Reports
      Variable Star Tracie Heywood
      Occultation Mell Jeffery
      Deep Sky David Finnigan
      Meteor Tracie Heywood
      Planetary Alan Clitherow
42  The Society Pages
      Help wanted! Merchandising Manager
      SPA meetings / Meet Prof. Stephen Serjeant
      Our new Membership Secretary – Graham Jones
44     Sky Diary
      Moon data Mandy Bailey
      Occultation notes / Meteor notes Mell Jeffery / Tracie Heywood
      Planets / Variable Star notes Alan Clitherow / Tracie Heywood

46 SPA contacts
47 Showcase