Section Report 2018.5.30

The long-awaited clear  skies and the warm weather have clearly brought SPA members out to their telescopes and I have received images from Paul Brierly and Dave Finnigan.  The seeing has not always been the best and this was the case on May 23rd when Paul acquired the image below. Nevertheless with the aid of a Baader 742nm IR Proplanet filter he produced a result with which he was happy and which shows a lot of detail. Read more

April 2017


The Moon’s ‘Golden Handle’.

David Davies has made a number of lunar images using his APM107 refractor and ASI224MC colour camera. These were forwarded to me by Dave Finnigan. Below is David’s image of Sinus Iridum on the terminator, with the Sun’s rays striking the Montes Jura and creating the effect of a handle arcing out into the lunar night. Read more


Beauty at the edge of Serenity

The lovely image featured below was taken by by long-time member Larry Todd (Dunedin, New Zealand) on 21 September. It shows the beautiful 95 km diameter crater Posidonius illuminated a few hours after the Sun had risen over it. Posidonius’ floor is a joy to view at high magnification; there’s a prominent near-central crater, a little arc of hills, along with floor ridges, faults and narrow valleys. Read more